Get on my Land



Get on my Land, Bell Tent UKs latest exciting project to help you launch, set up and promote your very own luxury camping business.

Get on my Land operates as an online camping directory, promoting ‘off the beaten track’ camping locations in canvas bell tents and similar themed tents.

•    All you need is some land…
•    …start up costs to invest in the tents and some cosy accessories…
•    …and the drive to set up your own luxury camping business.
•    We help by advising you on how to set up; our partnered companies Bell Tent UK and Camping with Soul supplies everything you need to get started and our Landowners Starter Pack outlines our environmentally friendly vision.
•    Our only proviso is that landowners buy their tents from Bell Tent UK,
•    If you already own the tents we ask you to purchase some accessories from Camping with Soul.
•    Landowners need to agree to sign up solely with us as their ‘camping agent’ whilst we are offering this service for free.
•    We will use our extensive rental experience, which has grown from our rental business Hotel Bell Tent, to help advise you along the way.
•    We will then help promote your new venture to our ever growing network of campers through our online camping directory, Get on my Land, which is linked to our other websites

If you are already set up and would like another online portal to promote your business, the great news is that it’s FREE for everyone involved. It is a new project so we would like to see how it works for everyone involved. In the future we intend to take a small commission fee for bookings generated directly through Get on my Land.